Demystifying IT Governance

The mention of “governance” has gotten to be a mixed bag. While I’m glad that there is a lot more attention on governance in discussions around solution architecture as well as process development, I also get the sense that it is often a misunderstood term that is used to represent good intent around the security […]

Great idea, bad execution

  Black SMS is an interesting idea. It’s text messaging that is secured from prying eyes that have access to your iOS device (with iMessages turned on). Here’s how it looks:’s how it missed the boat: It only allows text It does not allow pictures, video or sound The user has to […]

Past progressive

Many, many moons ago; I read a Mandrake comic about a man from the future that walks through a huge data storage facility, and then stops for a minute to.. seemingly, laugh.   After some mental communications magic, courtesy Mandrake and his alien ‘Crystal Cube‘, it turns out that the laughter was because the alien […]

Creating a Do Not Ignore list

A recent phone change and address book purge got me thinking – should I create a “Do Not Ignore” list that would include all the callers whose call I would take under almost any conditions? Here are the entries that came to mind Spouse, manager, chief of staff Immediate family and associated caregivers Neighbors Home […]

Should Google be using your GMail, Picasa, Google Docs & Google+ content?

I’ll try to keep this short, but I’m afraid it won’t be as short as I’d like it to be.   Head over to the current / new Google Terms of Service and scroll down to “Your Content in our Services”. This is what it says:   Some of our Services allow you to submit […]

The devil is in the details, and costs $500

eBay shipping trick

The Dell Inspiron Duo is an interesting tablet / hybrid that got a fair amount of press and intrigued looks after it was released last year. I think the “flip” hinge is the, er, swing of things to come, and perhaps not an iPad-killer for now – but the next generation may take a bigger […]

Some movies are made for sequels. Some aren’t.

Titanic II, on Netflix

      Saw this on my list of recommendations from NetFlix, and found myself amused by the possibilities of a sequel storyline. In no particular order, they were: Jack doesn’t die. He survives and surfaces five years later in the same city as Rose, but struggles with amnesia for the next few decades. The […]

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