The purpose of this site is to attract and publish content in the field of network security and related areas of computing. The spectrum of content welcome for moderated publication includes news, articles, reference pointers, anecdotal entries, personal opinion, tutorials and utilities.


Although my first website went online about four years ago, it wasn't until about a year and a half ago that I started putting together the design documents for Sujeet.Net - a website that I intend to nurture as a singular repository for information relating to network and data security. In the years I spent as an active columnist on technology issues relating to the Internet and its contribution to a gradual but effective change to life after 1990, I found myself adding a few hundred new links to my Favorites every month. Maintaining a personal database of all these, organized by priority and topic was bad enough, but making sure that I wasn't referring the wrong one to anyone who was interested, was also a concern. I also noticed that a lot of these pointers were often hybrids of several specialized topics - starting on one foot and ending by twirling on another.


Another facet of the network medium that captivated me was that the realms unofficially dubbed as the "digital underground" were in fact groups of individuals who devoted themselves almost and often entirely to the sole pursuit of pure knowledge. The media seemed to lap up the tales that involved acts of ransom, misunderstood spite and corporate espionage, but there was more to it than what the average newsreader was letting out on the infrequent update. This gifted clan is similar to the dwindling sets of people who take the time to solve crossword puzzles from the paper today, or to those who spend time putting together a Rubik's Cube. In today's age of fickle customer loyalties and fluctuating stock indices, the pleasure of intellectual victory seems to pale when not supplemented by the ring of a cash register.

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With this site, I don't claim to join the ranks of the intellectuals who are already winners in this arena. I wouldn't even call this site as a player in the network security arena. In my opinion, Sujeet.Net would be more of an updated repository for relevant content and an open medium where I invite information from the wired literati concerned about network security.

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Since this is one of the few questions that I seem to attract a mite more often than I would like, I've pegged it high on this list of "About the site" FAQs. Sujeet "dot Net" has the domain suffix because it deals with networks and network security. Since this site has no intrinsic commercial value - either in the form of advertised prducts, services or ad banners, I don't think it warrants a suffix that would liken it to a commercial venture. Also, with the planet almost deafened by the "dot Com" drumbeat in recent times, it would border on being trite for me to get Sujeet "dot Com". I have nothing against the person who has reserved, or bought that domain, and I do hope that he/she will be kind enough to forward email messages that reach there in error.


As mentioned above, I started putting together the design documents for this site about a year and a half ago. Almost around the same time, I came across a service called NameZero (http://www.namezero.com) that was allowing free registrations and control of domain names. This seemed to be a good option, since the evaluation period of a year would allow me to get my feet wet in the various facets of owning and managing a domain name, and their proposed pricing structure for eventual payments was not prohibitive. At the time, the entire Sujeet domain trio (.Com, .Net and .Org) was available. Yes, I registered only this one! After a few months of beta content, I looked towards my good friend Nirav Mehta, CEO of MagNet WebPublishing and editor of the MagNet InterActive ezine, for pointers and support regarding content and functionality. As always, Nirav was a great help, and Sujeet.Net is now powered almost entirely by a brainchild of the MagNet team - the BeeHive Content Management System. It was a semi-customized solution implemented for Sujeet.Net since it supported my main premise for this site - being an information repository. Its added functionalities allow me a great deal of flexibility in regenerating content templates and other "forms of expressing my crazy creativity", as my friends would put it! All in all, I would like to extend a sincere note of thanks to Nirav and the entire MagNet team for their expertise and patience in helping me with this site.


As mentioned above, I requested Sujeet.Net from NameZero after being a satisfied user of their services in the evaluation period of one year. MagNet WebPublishing Private Limited have been a major source of creative thought and implementation expertise towards the successful management of this site. Newsfeeds relating to features news articles are acknowledged immediately along with the article itself, and I make no claim of intellectual property ownership regarding these. While I am not given to referencing links to lesser credible news' sources without thorough testing, there's always the little hairline crack in the works that widens with time. For this, I apologize in advance, and would like to request that you notify me of the same as soon as possible. All the relevant contact information is detailed in the following section. For futher questions regarding my test systems and related resources, feel free to get in touch with me and I shall try to respond as soon as my schedule permits.

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All queries relating to content posted on any page(s) belonging to the Sujeet.Net domain could be addressed to Content@Sujeet.Net .

Queries regarding resources and test systems could be addressed to Systems@Sujeet.Net .

For any further queries, please contact the WebMaster at WebMaster@Sujeet.Net .

Further contact information concerning a physical mailing address and telephone numbers will be added shortly. For advanced queries, feel free to reach me at Sujeet@Sujeet.Net .


Thanks for reading through, and if this is the first page you visited, you deserve kudos! I find that the tribe of those who "skim the surface" is steadily increasing, and working to reduce the Internet to another form of network television. This site is still in its infancy, and I would like to attract the highest volume of feedback towards further functional and aesthetic improvement. Since I won't be running contests, I can't really offer much in return for your valuable feedback other than a vote of thanks and a promise that your input will not be treated as just another user's message.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!

Warm regards,
Sujeet Bambawale
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